Top 5 Ways to get the Wedding Photography You Want!

Wedding Photography….whether it is wedding photography in Marietta Georgia, or wedding photography in Jasper Georgia, or wedding photography that is a destination…
it’s an industry where hundreds, even thousands are trying to be noticed and break into the business..
So how do you dear reader, make sure you get wedding images that are just what you want?

Thankfully, there IS a roadmap….

If you follow the suggested outline you greatly increase your chances of getting the images you dream of on your wedding day.


1) Use a Filter.   Yes, you can find photographers crawling out of the woodwork at your local coffee shop…and Google is great for that general search…but being more refined and using something more particular like the Professional Photographer’s of America gives you a point of starting your search with a far better filter. Once at the PPA’s site consider not only the specialty your wanting to hire your photographer for but search for photographers who are certified. These photographers, designated as CPP’s make your search much more refined…and give you a starting point of dealing with a full professional who continues to invest in their education.

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2) Once you’ve narrowed that search view the work. Make sure the work speaks to you emotionally.  Finding images you like but that just does not “vibrate with truth” for you personally is not the way to ensure success. Think of it as “good enough” being the enemy of personalized, great wedding photography…YOUR wedding photography…take your time and find work that you LOVE..


3) Once you’ve located photographers to consider…have them show you entire weddings. Yes looking at awesome , individual images of various weddings is fine, but an ENTIRE wedding, from beginning to end, is a great way to have a sound idea how your day would be documented..If they can not or won’t produce a full length show and/or album, it may be best to consider moving on…

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4) Have a relationship….yes you likely DO have a relationship somewhere if your considering getting married, but we are talking about having a relationship with your photographer…Make sure you “click” (pardon the pun) will go a long way to making sure not only your images are great, but that you and your guest enjoy the likely chemistry with your photographer….trust DOES matter to the final product.. The key to making sure your images look natural is letting your photographers “in”

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5) Once you’ve selected your photographer, you should get a chance to work together before the big day, if possible by having an engagement session. This let’s you get used to each other and some of the guidance your photographer may offer. Last, but far from least, avoid trying to manage things  the day of… LET GO….you’ve planned, spent, chosen and prepared….have some faith in your friends, family and vendors for your day to be uniquely and successfully “yours”. Riding the small issues that may arise during any wedding will help you enjoy your day…and isn’t that really one of the main goals?

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