Tools Of The Trade

We get asked often about the tools and brands that we use daily in our studio. Let’s face it, our clients likely never give it a second thought about what we use, the reasons behind our choices and our if any, brand loyalty…

But other photographers do.

So with that in mind let’s dive in!

The Capture

The Leica SL.

The Leica SL is a 5 year old digital camera designed and built by hand in Wetzler Germany by Leica Camera. The SL was designed from scratch from the ground up.

Combined with the Vario-Elmarit-SL 1:2.8–4 / 24–90 ASPH the image quality is gorgeous and has an almost medium format look. It handles approximately 90% of my shooting workload during the day.

Now some may ask why so much of our work would be handled by a 5 year old camera system. Our answer would be Leica got it right and 24 megapixels is the sweet spot for wedding work!

You can check out more about Leica Cameras HERE

The balance of our work, particularly on Tamera’s side is captured with assorted Nikon Cameras and lenses.


The Processing

We use custom built PC’s with the latest hardware and software.

We have moved, mostly from Adobe products to Capture One. You can check out more about this powerful alternative to Lightroom etc HERE

In addition we use and recommend Exposure Software, you can check them out HERE

Also we are very particular about our black and white work. Among the best out there in our opinion working with both Lightroom and Capture One is Seim. Check out more about them HERE


The Delivery

In todays wedding world it is very common to be delivering at least some type of digital files, but HOW you do that is critical to maintaining your overall brand so WHO you utilize for that becomes critical.

We highly recommend USB Memory Direct.  Variety, Reliability, quality, price and great customer service, these guys have it all! Check them out HERE