Powerful. Unique. Emotional.

Those words have always described our award winning photography. It also describes our approach to custom designing coverage for our clients and friends who become like family to us.

No two weddings are alike. Tamera and I invite the discerning couple whose personal taste appreciates our storyteller approach to visit with us and let us design something extraordinary for you!

  • We present a low-key, no-obligation approach to help you understand the many facets that go into developing a meaningful photographic memoir.
  • We take the time to help you carefully consider and choose the perfect mix from our many customized options since pre-built packages often do not fit every couple or occasion appropriately.
  • We give personalized attention to your needs to help you design the right coverage to match your wishes, expectations and budget.

We operate a photography studio Blue Ridge, GA, and we travel all over Georgia to record your story.

[download title=”Top Ten Ways to Ensure Great Wedding Photography” file=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Top-Ten-Ways-to-Ensure-Great-Wedding-Photography.pdf”]