The Christmas Album…

So what does Christmas and wedding photography have in common? Or, what are they doing in a post together?

Let us explain…

It has been said that art can introduce people to their souls.

It has also been said art should illuminate lives and have the power of emotion to topple anything in it’s path..

It is our goal every year to capture that kind of beauty, that LIFE that is so visible on a wedding day.

It has become our tradition every Christmas to revisit our past year of work with an attitude of enormous gratitude.

From the beaches of Florida to the bourbon trails of Kentucky…from the mountains of north Georgia to the hills of Tennessee, we were blessed by so many to be a part of their lives on a day that truly is like no other…and in many cases, even loved a bit in return for the love we gave.

With this we say thank you. It is the relationships we cherish most….and those are a gift beyond measure in a season where the most important gift of all was bestowed to each of us…we can’t wait for 2015!

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