Print vs Digital, Are they Truly Different?

Print vs Digital, why there IS a difference!

Why the Printed Image is Not Dead!

If you are searching for a wedding photographer, you’ve likely been considering the print vs digital dilemma.

As photography moved out of the analog print age and into the digital age, it brought with it many advances. Namely immediate feedback and the ability to more readily share images and in a much more rapid manner. Combined with social media, friends and family can see images now quicker and on a much wider scale than ever previously.

For the Wedding photographer, this also meant as digital evolved a much wider gamut of capabilities by our cameras to function at light levels previously unheard of.  For photographers (like us) who bridge the ages and have shot film and transitioned to digital, the perspective is unique.

Is there any downside to digital? We would argue that digital has been misinterpreted as a “final” product and that the best analogy is to view digital as a kind of proof or negative that is more easily accessed, able to be immediately shared and with the ability to be carried around in your pocket on your smartphone or other digital device.


However, there remained photographers and clients who noted that holding an analog and true finished photographic print made the images entirely unique to their senses and emotions.  Now there is some  evidence to back that up. Check it out

and: HERE

In a nutshell, what studies have shown is that the feedback and retention are greater with a print than with digital.

Does that mean digital has no value or is ignored? For us the answer is absolutely not. We respond by educating our potential clients as to why print matters. No package is  offered without an album.

Our Studio refuses to shoot and deliver only digital images.

Digital, in our opinion, was never meant to be forever.



For us, the best way to serve our clients is to provide BOTH.  As we mentioned every package we offer includes an album. While that album is a base model, it DOES allow clients to have a true heirloom family item.  Often this is the first artwork of its kind after the marriage. Approximately 72% of our clients upgrade their album in either pages included, cover, style, size, or all of them !



Our clients come into the studio and are met with images and custom DVD shows being streamed to our 4K monitor.

But it is understood that we are ultimately selling is artwork and that means albums, wall hangings etc..

Seeing those products , touching them, feeling them is a different experience than just having the images stream across a screen.

What we want each client to have as a goal, is to imagine the story they want their albums to tell ten years from now.



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