Family Wedding Photography

family wedding photography 58We are a studio that stresses the living, breathing moment captured.  We absolutely love the small back stories captured that truly show a wedding day like no other. While that is still our bread and butter we are asked more and more frequently for Family Wedding Photography. In other words, some formalized family wedding photos that may often include children of various ages..

The discussion usually goes something like this “Well, we want to include our children in the wedding photos, so we want Family Wedding Photography, but we don’t want to look stiff or look like we are being posed un-naturally which is something we would never do…do you guys do that?”

Yes we do!

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The key for us in obtaining great family wedding photography is the relationship. We need to know you to shoot the images that will truly be “you”!   We spend time speaking with you to understand your story. We then work with you to select a location that offers a backdrop that you will love , while also giving your family a feeling of familiarity and comfort.

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Time is spent in just getting to know you as well as you getting to be comfortable and open with us.

We then suggest and introduce moments of your family at ease, in interaction with each other and allow your true selves to show through…backing off and letting you be you provides some of the best ways to get images that sing of your love for each other and, as Tamera and I like to say, show your soul! Keeping the kids involved gets them to know they are part of the creative process.

Family Wedding Photography can be dynamic, fun and offer an opportunity to create the very first family heirloom, an album of a day, truly, like no other!

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While images from this particular wedding were shot on a separate day , it pays to understand the process of getting great family wedding photography!

1) Always, always, ALWAYS prepare a set shot list for family and friends. Ensure you go over this with your photographer so you both can be confident a doable list has been created and there is appropriate time in the timeline for the family wedding photography.

2) Give the lists to your coordinator as well as a member of each side of the family who may have no other job in the wedding but who knows all the family members. These folks will be the “herders” so to speak. They keep people nearby and available and do the call outs for the assembled images. This will speed your block of time for your family and friends shot list and open  up more time for just the two of you or just the family. In many locations throughout the southeast your block of time at a venue may be 4 hours. Knowing how to handle that time to allow coverage for everything and everyone will lessen stress and offer more time to just enjoy your day!

Whether seeking Family Wedding Photography, or an intimate bride and groom only session the keys remain the same, a location you feel at home in, a great relationship with your photographers and a willingness to just be yourselves and let your love shine through! If you follow these guidelines you have a great chance of seeing images that “show your soul”!

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