5 Ways to Rock Your Wedding in 2015….and beyond!

1) Plan ahead. We have seen advice about planning for venue, photography and other crucial components of your wedding in as little as six months out! YIKES!

NOTHING could be further from the truth! Plan ahead, way, WAY ahead, as far out as you can stand. Keep in mind no matter what particular vendor your are searching for , there are only so many weekends in the year.  Solid vendors book quickly and your ability to get just what you want becomes much more difficult the closer to your date you start the process.

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2) Choose and actually list your priorities. There is a reason weddings and the vendors associated with them create such variety…Your personal taste, I repeat YOUR taste is what should reflect your choices, and to some degree everyone’s is different.  For some the venue is king, for others it’s the food, for quite a few it is the Photography (we agree with that one , naturally!) and with some it is the entertainment. The point being only you can define and determine what your priorities are, and this will come in handy when you start to deal with the budget, which leads us to…

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3) The Wedding Budget. Once you have made the choice about what your priorities are, and going hand-in-hand with starting early in your planning process, you should list who is paying for what. Although we see an increase percentage of couples paying for some, most or even all of their wedding themselves,  there still remains times when Mom, Dad or other family are picking up at least some of the cost and determining that early will help you target and define those budgets for each category of your wedding.

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4) The above suggestions are assuming you have chosen a theme. I know, it sounds like there is pressure to have a specific Wedding, but it does not mean your wedding theme has to be exactly like someone else.  Maybe a barn or vintage wedding is your style, or maybe classic is more to your personality. Whatever your choices is,  be unique. Don’t be afraid to alter, change or mix themes if it is what’s in your heart.  What you will discover is wedding planning is a true balancing act, and it is also wise to at least consider an actual wedding planner. Many venues will have at least someone to help coordinate on the day of, and that help can come in very handy to ensure a smooth flow to your day.

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5) Last, and we give this advice often, relax!  Taking the time to enjoy your wedding day, a day like no other!  Whether it is a classic wedding, a vintage wedding, a barn wedding , a wedding at a historic site or even a wedding at your family or friends home, once the planning is done and you’ve chosen your vendors, make sure you take the time to prepare to actually enjoy the day. After hundreds of weddings we have found time and time again the weddings that rock are the weddings with brides, grooms, family and friends that have an open heart and an acceptance of small variables. Don’t stress over the small stuff! Remember, it helps to make it YOUR wedding!

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