5 Ways to Ace Your Rustic Wedding!

If you are considering a rustic wedding, there are 5 keys that can make, or break the success of your event! We are going to outline some of those here …

1)  The Venue. When considering a rustic wedding, the venue becomes KEY. The backdrop, the visual, the feel and atmosphere all will come into play and to the forefront on your wedding day. While the look and feel of a place is certainly critical, pay attention to the people there as well.  It is important that you have great chemistry with the folks who are handling your wedding . It’s one thing to take your money for a service, it’s another to have someone put their heart and soul into making sure your day not only goes as planned but is a HUGE success! You can find great examples of that combination of rustic wedding venue combined with folks that take awesome care of their clients at a few of these we have listed below:

The folks over at Antique Acres are awesome, you can find them here!


Likewise for the fine folks over at Rocky’s lake Estate. You can meet them here!



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2)  The accessories and details. Once you have started to narrow your choices, check out what kind of accessories and details your venue offers. Maybe it is a vintage car or truck, old vintage signs or other accessories that will add to the backdrop and texture of your rustic wedding day.

DSC_8796_DxO-2 DSC_0105_DxO-2-Edit

3)  Choosing your vendors always comes into play when planning your wedding, and it is just as important when it is a rustic wedding. View their work. Is it in keeping with the feel and ambiance of the day? Beware vendors that state they can produce a product that they can not show you they have successfully produced in the past. In other words if your asking your caterer to do a good BBQ, but they specialize and are known for their elegant 5 course meals, it may be worth checking into further before any commitment or money has changed hands.

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4)  Climate and weather are also a huge consideration on a rustic wedding. Consider your location for the time of year, the season, average temperatures, backup plans for bad weather and the comfort of your guest. Keep an eye out for power and make sure your plans work with what the venue can provide. Some venues are built to accommodate power and new technology, some are true working barns and you will need to consider that when evaluating your guest needs and comfort. Everything from power for someone’s health requirement to additional , portable restrooms can come into play and consideration here for a rustic wedding.

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5)  Attitude and approach. These play an absolute CRITICAL role in any wedding success but even more so with a rustic wedding! The attitude we speak of is both the venues owners and employees , your vendors and your OWN! While managing before hand and planning a successful rustic wedding is an absolute requirement, likewise it is a requirement to relax the day of. Trust your vendors and make sure you stop and take in every moment of the day, breath and “be” and you will enjoy your day, a day like no other, so much more!

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