2nd Marriage Wedding Photography and Why it Matters!!!

Why 2nd Marriage (or any other number) Wedding Photography Matters!



In our career after shooting hundreds of weddings obviously every potential client who came through our door was not getting married for the very first time,  some were on their 2nd marriage and were still considering wedding photography.

Some were on their 2nd (or more) wedding

Some were renewing their vows

What we have heard a good deal of from this particular type of client is: “well, it’s not our first rodeo” or ” we have both been through this before” as if somehow finding the love of your life, later in life makes it mean less from a wedding photography standpoint.

People who hold to that belief are rarely ever our clients.

The wedding photography ALWAYS matters…let me repeat that, THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY ALWAYS MATTERS.

A celebration of love is not limited to two people who have never been married before and the term “newlywed” is not applicable to people only in the spring of their life.

The things for your photographer to consider are similar to documenting any other wedding.

  1. What does the potential client see in your style of images that they like?
  2. What would they prefer to see less of, or not at all photographically speaking. Would they prefer a concentration on just documenting the day rather than being put in some locations and guided on their posing?
  3. Are their children or grandchildren who may be important to be included in the wedding photography?
  4. Consider hours of coverage. Some 2nd marriage celebrations are shorter than a full scale 1st wedding. There are exceptions of course but working 10-12 hours that day versus 4 to 6 can change what gets covered and included.
  5. Lastly, will you be shooting and covering the ceremony in a church, venue or other location? This may require a different approach than a 1st wedding at a church with getting ready coverage and all the bells and whistles versus a 2nd wedding at a courthouse with a mass ceremony for many couples at once…

In the end what truly counts is documenting the couples day, telling a story and showing true emotion…and that never gets old whether its wedding 1 or wedding 100! We hope you will celebrate your love, no matter where you are in life, with wedding photography that becomes an heirloom.


  1. I just saw and read this article (from a Facebook post). As a photographer, I agree wholeheartedly with you. Actually, last weekend, I was booked as the photographer for a second wedding!

    I would like to ask your permission to share parts of this article (written in my own words,but with credit to you) on my photography web page.

    Thank you so much for making it clear that wedding photography counts, no matter which wedding it is!

    1. John Webb said on February 4, 2017 at 12:19 AM:

      You are more than welcome to use whatever parts of the article you’d like, just please reference us for credit…Good Luck! Thanks for stopping by!